* NYAMBU KENGA * limbo - acrobat - fireeater - juggling - ball balancing - Stilt Walking in Zulu costume ***

NYAMBU KENGA Can perform Solo or as 4piece....MAKE IT FUN GET THE GUEST TO LIMBO...* * * * * NYAMBU KENGA has performed in ten Countries, including Europe, Asia and the Gulf States. His show can be up to 30 minutes non-stop, also can add audience participating if needed. While touring in Italy he appeared in several TV show including RAI UNO and Italian Channel 5. In1996 he was awarded the best acts during St. Patrick's day. His multi skills and hard working has made him to become a highly successful performer, Year 2002 he was awarded the best acts and best costume during Battles of flowers in state of GUERNSEY. He performed for the Queen Golden Jubilee both Manchester and Northern Ireland, to mention but a few.

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